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Some cleaning methods of motor bearings


1. Kerosene soaking method: Hold the inner ring of the […]

1. Kerosene soaking method:

Hold the inner ring of the bearing with one hand, and then soak the bearing in kerosene for 5-10 minutes. With the other hand turning the outer ring of the bearing, the dry oil or anti-rust paste on the bearing will fall off. Then put the bearing in cleaner kerosene, wash it with a fine brush, wash away the oil stains in the balls and gaps, and then put it in petrol for cleaning once, and remove the bearing and put it on clean paper . Radial spherical ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings should be cleaned by removing the balls, bead holder, inner ring and outer ring during cleaning.

This method mainly depends on the method of spraying oil or spraying with an oil gun, and generally cleans the bearings mounted on the shaft. Those oil stains that can be easily cleaned can be used with kerosene and then gasoline; for those oil stains that are difficult to clean, they must be rinsed with hot engine oil or sprayed with an oil gun and then cleaned with gasoline. Here, we must pay attention not to use sharp tools to scrape the bearing surface; for those hardened grease or rust, in order to avoid damage to the rolling element of the bearing and the finish of the groove ring, etc., wipe the washed bearing with a clean cloth.

2. Hot oil cleaning method:

For bearings hardened with soft dry oil or anti-rust paste, the hot oil cleaning method is used for a long time. It should be immersed in hot engine oil at 100 to 200 ° C, then clamp the bearing with pliers, and clean the grease on the bearing with a brush. Soft dry oil or anti-rust paste will melt when heated to 100 to 200 ° C, so that it can be easily washed out of the gap of the bearing. Sometimes it is only necessary to shake the bearing multiple times in the oil. Grease will also flow away from the gap.

The balls, bead holders, and inner ring should be turned out laterally from the outer ring and then immersed in hot oil. When we clean the centripetal bearings of old motors or imported motors. For short cylindrical roller bearings, the roller, bead holder, inner ring and outer ring should also be disconnected for cleaning.

Note that the oil temperature should not exceed 20 ° C. When heating directly with an open flame, when cleaning with hot oil. Care should be taken to prevent the oil from burning, and the bearing should also be hung in the oil pan. If the bottom sinks, it will cause the bearing to overheat and reduce the hardness of the bearing, thereby reducing the bearing life.

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