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How to eliminate the influence of shaft current on bearings


Reinforce the motor stator casing and foundation Throug […]

Reinforce the motor stator casing and foundation

Through the inspection of the disassembly of the motor, it was found that due to the insufficient strength of the motor body, the stator core and the casing were not firmly fixed, which resulted in vibration and noise in the motor. Because the motor shell is generally welded with thin steel plates, it will produce obvious vibration when the motor load is large. The vibration wave makes the motor stator casing tremble, and at the same time is accompanied by a large noise. In order to solve the problem of vibration and noise, the motor casing is reinforced to change the natural frequency of the casing. In the reinforcement process, taking into account the detachability of the original motor stator core and casing, the reinforcement ribs are made into a detachable structure, which not only facilitates the installation of the stator core, but also facilitates replacement.

At the same time, re-reinforce the foundation of the motor to strengthen its rigidity and improve the running stability of the motor. Through the above measures, the adverse effects of the induced current caused by the imbalance of the magnetic resistance caused by the continuous change of the stator and rotor magnetic circuits of the motor can be eliminated.

Modification of motor end cover

The original motor bearing sleeve and end cover are integrated design, and the non-drive end is not insulated. Therefore, if the motor generates shaft voltage during operation, it will form a path and cause shaft current to damage the bearing. In response to this situation, the non-transmission end cover was modified, and the original bearing sleeve was replaced with a new bearing sleeve wrapped in an insulating epoxy resin layer with good insulation performance. The insulating layer can completely cut off the shaft current loop and eliminate the influence of the shaft current on the bearing.

Efficiency measures

In order to completely eliminate the shaft voltage, a carbon brush can also be installed between the motor shaft extension end and the end cover, and the end cover and the rotating shaft are connected through the carbon brush to eliminate the induced electric potential on the shaft and the bearing potential difference.


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