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16 common problems analysis and solution for bearing failure


Bearing is a very important component in sand making eq […]

Bearing is a very important component in sand making equipment, and it is also easy to wear parts. If it is not repaired in time after bearing failure, it will lead to excessive bearing clearance, which will affect the improvement of sand production efficiency. The cause of the failure and the solution.


1, bearing bending

Solution: If the shaft shoulder is not properly installed, it may cause the bearing to bend. It is necessary to re-machine the chamfer of the shaft or add the shoulder clasp to eliminate the stress.

2, insufficient bearing support, resulting in distortion of the outer ring

Solution: Rework the chamfer of the bearing housing or add a shoulder clasp to eliminate stress.

3. Friction between the shoulder and the bearing

Solution: Rework the shoulder to eliminate friction

4, bearing seal deformation

Solution: Rework the empty shoulder of the bearing housing.

5, shaft and inner ring deformation

Solution: Rework the shaft chamfer to get the proper support.

6, the bearing box and outer ring deformation, the bearing is squeezed

Solution: Rework the chamfer of the bearing housing to obtain proper support.

7, rotating oil seal or dust ring friction static parts

Solution: The running clearance between the rotating oil seal and the dust ring should not be too small to avoid friction and borrowing.

8, the oil level is not correct, there is no lubricant in the bearing

Solution: Clean up the blockage in the oil level gauge to make the oil level correct.

9, the bearing and the shaft are not the same, or the shaft and the shaft are not the same

Solution: Adjust the alignment between the bearing and the gasket to improve the alignment accuracy between the shaft and the shaft.

10, the constant oil level cup installation is not appropriate

Solution: In the static state, the oil level should not be higher than the center of the lower rolling element, or keep the installation direction of the oil cup consistent with the bearing rotation direction.

11, the bearing oil seal wear causes grease loss, dirt enters

Solution: Replace the new clean oil seal, clean the bearing housing, and inject clean grease.

12. Friction between moving parts and stationary parts

Solution: Check the fit clearance between the static and dynamic components

13, the bearing installation method is not correct, hammer bearing

Solution: Replace the new bearing and standardize the shaft mounting

14, shoulder, box hole shoulder, lock nut and bearing position are not vertical

Solution: Rework the above parts to get good verticality

15, the journal processing size is too large

Solution: If the journal size is too large, the internal clearance of the bearing will be too small, so the journal needs to be reworked to make the shaft and bearing fit properly.

16, the bearing outer ring slips in the box hole

Solution: The bearing housing hole material is too soft, it can enlarge the bearing box hole, and can also be added to the copper bushing to be processed to the appropriate size.

The above introduces the 16 faults that are easy to occur in the bearing, and the corresponding fault cause analysis and method introduction. The bearing is prone to failure under high-speed operation. Therefore, it is necessary to check the bearing usage in time to ensure the normal operation of the sand production line.

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